This content was originally published in February 2011.

Simply, Magento has gone from strength to strength in the past 12 months in directions that the developers and the community has been largely happy with. If this sort of announcement had taken place on the date of investment, Ebay/Paypal would have a terribly steep uphill battle convincing developers that they had the community’s best wishes in mind, but now had an opportunity to do so by example.

I think we have definitely benefitted from the investment as the community and if we extrapolate, we can assume minimal corporate interferences. Yet Extrapolation is a dangerous thing in the hands of the inexperienced and I am not calling myself a statistician. Yoav Kutner and Rhonda Rondeau had expressed a commitment to working closer with developers over the upcoming year. Their head of development even spent six months in support which I a step in the right direction. More internal processes with the management of the Magento platform in general will be opening up soon, so I see to need to Chicken Little this announcement.